Sprite Animation with Python Turtle module


Python is an easy-to-learn programming language that has some really useful features for a beginning programmer. The code is quite easy to read when compared to other programming languages. Python has some features that greatly augment the learning process and allow you to put together simple animations for creating your own games. One is the turtle module, inspired by Turtle graphics (used by the Logo programming language back in the 1960s) and designed for educational use.

We are happy to offer a course that teaches your kids (9+) to Python code. These lessons devoted to basic Python concepts: variables, loops, functions, and more. Each week we add one lesson with a specific key topic, exercises, and challenges that assist children to cover the distance from a beginner to an expert. Especially we focus on Python Turtle module which is a nice way to teach kids programming. Using this graphics module, it’s possible to build math and science projects, quizzes, simulate physics phenomena create games and make animation. We hope you enjoy this course and appreciate the feedback. Have fun.

What do you need to get started? Two different options are possible:

Option #1: you need to install the latest version of Python (now Python 3.7.2) to your home computer. This can be simply by going to: www.python.org/downloads:

Below short video demonstrates how to install Python 3.7.2 for window system. Take a look video and read Python Installation Instruction

Python Installation Instruction



Option#2: Use online Python editor https://trinket.io/ 

With trinket.io, you don’t need to install python. You just run it in your browser after sign up to this service.

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